I Am Complete, Just The Way I Am

This is exactly the way I feel when I write. I’m constantly comparing myself and the flaws never end. But of course, no one can be perfect. We’re awesome just the way we are 😀

A lovely friend of mine educated me about an intriguing phenomenon called the Imposter Syndrome. Having gone through it herself, she says it makes one ‘feel like a fraud’. It is a psychological pattern in which one doubts their skills, talents, and accomplishments, and has a persistent internal fear of being exposed as a fraud. And despite a clear external evidence of their competence, they still feel persistent feelings of inadequacy and wrongly attribute their success to luck. Even though this topic in particular might seem extreme, it brings about some ideas that may be relevant to all of us from time to time.

I have often felt like there is some perfect “script” for conversations, and that I cannot say the wrong thing. I have also, therefore, had trouble asking for help from people due to my own high standards. To move past these feelings, I had…

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A Court Of Frost And Starlight | Update #2

Why did SJM suddenly drop in my sight? Why did she write a crap book after a crap book? Why the hell did this story have to be published as an ACOTAR novel/novella? Why in the world people call it a book when it is clearly a badly written fanfiction? No one needs this book.… Continue reading A Court Of Frost And Starlight | Update #2


Empire of Sand by Tasha Suri

Rating: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ★★★★★ I lovvvveeedddddd this book so so so much that it hurt somewhere. Empire of Sand is an enthralling, breathtaking debut by best-selling author Tasha Suri. Yes, you heard it right. A DEBUT book?!?! It surpasses every good debut I have read. It is wonderful, magical, ensnaring and the best book I've ever… Continue reading Empire of Sand by Tasha Suri


The Prince And The Thief by P.S. Scott-ARC#3

Synopsis A jewel thief with magical powers…Eighteen-year-old Will is a jewel thief with only one goal in life — to be rich. That's why when he spots Aidan, the second prince of Ambrosia saving a peasant girl from royal guards, he steals the prince's ruby bracelet. A few days later, Aidan stumbles into Will during… Continue reading The Prince And The Thief by P.S. Scott-ARC#3