Tower of Dawn by S.J. Maas

Rating: 5 stars, of course!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This did not disappoint me. Not at all.

The main character being my favourite one plus a story based in a reimagination of the East plus a set of such wonderful new characters plus a perfect amount of romance to blend in with the extreme action?

You’re kidding me!?

Well, I don’t kid myself so whatever I’m saying is true. I was sure to fall in love with it the moment I picked it up and read the blurb. That enough said, let’s move to the real review part and not where I’m only gushing.

The Real Review

So to begin with, the book itself.

I know it would be cliched to say that this is another masterpiece but I can’t help myself. It was like SJM followed the perfect recipe to make a perfect book with perfect characters which definitely made me perfectly crazy!

So after the events of the Glass Castle and the rebellion in Adarlan, Chaol Westfall, the former Captain of the Guard and now, King Dorian’s Hand, sails to the Southern Continent to recover from his spinal injury and lower body paralysis. The world’s best magically gifted healers are housed in Torre Cesme, the Tower of Dawn in Antica, the capital of the Southern Continent who Chaol seeks. And also, to make allies with the Khagan and have his army at their side when Erawan finally marches from Morath to conquer the world.

Accompanied by Nesryn Faliq who originally hails from Antica, they embark on a perilous, gritty and glittering quest to gain unexpected allies and along the way, maybe heal from their past.

When the Healer on High of Torre Cesme appoints Yrene Towers, her heir apparent, as a healer for Chaol Westfall, she hates him. No conversation, no getting to know each other. Just one look at the former Captain of the Guard for the now-dead evil king and she hates him with all the fibre of her being. Even I can’t blame her. She is from Fenharrow and what the evil king of Adarlan did to her in the past is truly evil. I’m really sorry for her.

So when the Healer on High doesn’t hear any of her complaints, she is forced to heal Lord Westfall. They slowly progress, both in curing his back and their relationship. Then Yrene learns something so dangerous that the peaceful healers of the Torre are attacked and killed. While Nesryn bonds with Sartaq, one of the sons of Khagan, they also discover something that could change the tide of the oncoming war. A secret that the Dark Fae Queen tried to keep suppressed for thousands of years. Now who is the true enemy, Maeve or Erawan? It is upto them to find out as they race against time.

I suppose that is it. A spoiler free review but I am itching to spill what happens next. A HUGE plot twist is coming your way if you’re currently reading ToD.

Now for my gushing

*Takes deep breath* *clears throat*


This goes on and on. Finally, the greatest match of all times. Even if I’m not a matchmaker, they are prefect for each other. PERFECTTTTTTTT. They are flawed but perrrrrfect in my mind.

Yrene Towers is my favourite no doubt. She is the best. A wonderfully flawed character who is aware of them and actually does something to improve herself. A lone person who will turn the tables in the war that will sweep the whole of Erilea with it. I love Yrene. She is my moooooooost favourite.

For the shipping, I first thought Celaena and Chaol would end up together but she treated him like shit which he doesn’t deserve. He deserves someone who loves him fully, scars or not, history or not. Who sees him for who he really his under everything. His real personality and even Nesryn didn’t love him that way. Only Yrene sees and treats him like a normal, healthy person irrespective of his injury and his past. He is just another person for her. They treat each other like equals and I love that.

Tell me, just tell me, who doesn’t ship them like crazy!!!

Rhetorical question. I don’t want you to answer ‘no’ because then I’ll keep arguing about it. Let me know what you think of my review in the comments!

Happy Reading! 😀

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    Sorry, ignore me. I so ship them!!
    I dropped by here to thank you for your visit to my site today. Means alot!!
    stay sticky,


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