5 Hilarious Things About Me Tag

Well, Riddhi@ Whispering Stories tagged me to write 5 humiliating hilarious things about myself. I can’t believe how I convinced myself to publicly embarrass myself but before I change my mind, let’s hurry.

  • You just give the link of the person who nominated you and creator’s link too (Aaliya’s the creator of the tag).
  • Write the rules.
  • Write five fun facts about you, the more hilarious the better.
  • Then you nominate as many people as you like.

One, two three, go!

  1. I’m super skeptical. And about everything from books to food. Every time there is an over-hyped book, I’ll think I won’t like it but I love it in reality. They are hyped for a reason! Like Throne of Glass or Six of Crows. Kill me if I think I won’t like them.

2. I get obsessed easily. Books of course and music too. I am absolutely crazy over history and archaeology/anthropology. I can watch those documentaries for HOURS and then go on and on about it for a few more hours. Also, there is this series on Disney Hotstar called Once Upon A Time which I really really really love and I might be obsessed with it. Any of you seen that? Also, Modern Family. What can I do?🤷‍♀️

3. My imagination is wild. I am still determined to be a storyteller that I have dozens of drafted ideas somewhere but I can never seem to complete them. Most of them, now that I think, are far-fetched. Perhaps, I’ll share some of them one day…till then, they can sit on my dusty top shelf.

4. For my coming birthday, I got this huge, reclining chair which has wheels. And I was almost ready to sleep in it 😛

5. Okay, so I can’t think of anything any less humiliating but I’ll tell you just this once. Aelin Ashryver Galathynius (A.A.G) is sorta kinda somewhat, I don’t want to admit, similar to me (A.A.G.) which is another reason I hate her. I even changed my signature to keep it as far away from Aelin as possible. You see, I droned on about her annoying qualities in my review for EoS. Do check that out!

Now for nomination,

What is the most humiliating scene you’ve ever read? Is it cringe-worthy second-hand writing or an enjoyable scene? Let me know in the comments!

15 thoughts on “5 Hilarious Things About Me Tag

      1. books? I guess, every single one out there that is fun for me😂
        Then I dont really do watching much, but I guess you cod easily say I’m obsessed with Friends, I just love that show!😍😂
        Ah sure, tho it will take me some time, hope that’s not problem!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Haha. Same situation 😂
        I am yet to watch Friends but soon, soon.
        Not a problem! I have to complete 3 book reviews and I think 2 tags, one the birthday one and other an award. Too much work and I’m lazy 😂


      3. Ahhh, please do watch it!
        And huh, I’ve got like 10 or so awards, 10 or so tags, and I don’t really do book reviews, so we’re free from them, but yeah, I need to get to work, but I’m lazy.😂


      1. Ahh not yet!! I’m honestly quite frustrated with myself. But by saving it for the holidays, I can give it my full attention!! *tried to look on the bright side* 😭😅 And I was just planning to read your review!! 😆


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