Realm Of Ash by Tasha Suri


Rating: 5 out of 5.
Review, gushing, whatever you want to call it

Yes, finally I’m back. And no, I wasn’t on hiatus. I mean can you imagine me away from all this? Slump or not?

Anyways, I had to write this review a few days (or weeks ago). So this is like a companion to Empire of Sand and you can read them individually but I loved the series way. After completing EoS, I had a huge dilemma: Whether I should read this right here, right now as a kindle edition or wait for next month for the paperback copy?? Also cause I have already completed my month’s quota of books 😅

I was like this for…a while. Until I told my sensible part to go to hell and I devoured the e-copy. I know, I know.

If you remember the spoiler I gave you about the next book, meaning this book. It follows Mehr now grown-up sister, Arwa after she is widowed in the mysterious massacre of Darez Fort. She is the only one who survives and as an Ambhan noble-woman, she is sent to a faraway hermitage for the widowed women. She suspects the daivas, the children of the Gods are the one who caused the massacre where everyone turned on each other. After some shocking events, she offers her part Amrithi blood to save the Empire. She goes to the Imperial City where the Emperor is ailing and has to work with the illegitimate, scholar son of the Emperor. They seek answers from the dead Maha in the Realm of Ash where they can communicate with the dead. But certain twists and turns will never let this story end easy.

I loved Arwa’s imperfect perfect and flawed character. She is suspicious, grieving, broken and strong. She isn’t anything like the usual heroines and that is exactly why I love her.

I loved Zahir hungry curiosity and his perfectly written character. He is not perfect but the way he is portrayed is perfect for me. Just stop. Nobody will be good enough for him. Except Arwa though.

The rest of the characters are amazing too. Jihan is like the best description of power-hungry royal lady and I’ll admit, Gulshera was an amazing character. But I really really really hate the evil son of the Emperor. But I guess he was made that way and it is a healthy thing I hate him XD

So the only thing I’m gonna say: rEaD iT rIgHt AwAy
PS: I am still broken from it :((

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