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Heyyo everyone! I’m really sorry I haven’t updated since……like New Year πŸ˜… But I promise you my hiatus ended as soon as my exams ended but I have been really lazy busy according to what you want to believe.

So this month I decided to do something new!! A medieval themed fantasy/sci-fi readathon. It has fantasy and medieval theme….I’m so going to do thisss 🀩 So me and Ashmita@ Fictional Journal are doing this together. It’s not like a buddy read but like partners.

I love participating in readathons cause I get SUPER competitive. You read more than me? I’ll read twice than yours πŸ˜‚ It seems I enjoy pressuring myself and also this sounds so damn awesome. It starts (or started. I forgot to post it) 10th Jan till 10th Feb. The goal is to read maximum 7 books if you want to be an empress/emperor. Refer to the template below. And then you can choose any of the professions. I’ll explain. So lemme get my professor glasses and energy drinks; they exist in my medieval time btw πŸ˜‚

Ready, set, gooo – oops! Already gone.

First you complete the one above and then you can choose any profession:

I don’t which should I choose but first I’ll fit my TBR into the Nobility Ranks and then I’ll stuff the remaining into any of this job. I don’t think I have a fixed TBR but whatever! I’ll post about the loooooong list of books and ARCs (22 to be exact). Maybe I’ll cut short. Or maybe I’ll fit the extra TBR, meaning some books from my year long list into it.

UNTIL NEXT TIME! And please do bear with me πŸ˜€

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