How Your Dad Stalked Me: Twilight Love Story


Two young children surrounded their mother, taking a seat on a couch, crusted with spilled human blood. They jumped up and down eagerly for today was the day mother would tell them the most romantic and forbidden story of how she met dad.

“Mother,” the oldest daughter chirruped, “Please tell us!”

“Yes, mom!” the adopted son joined in, his bottom lips quivering and his eyes wide. The famous Bella Cullen Puppy Dog Face™

The mother laughed, a full and deep sound. Her face glowed, her cheeks flushed with blood. Or at least, in theory her face glowed, because her skin is now the palest of pale and the blood was probably the lunch she had eaten.

“Very well, kids,” Bella sighed, though her heart was jumping at the thought of recollecting her love story, “Sit down.” She gestured her children to take a seat.

“It was a very rainy day and everything was damp as I shifted to your human grandfather’s house. There was a time I always whined about the weather. Little did I know, this would bring your dad and me together,” Bella chuckled at the memory, “During the biology class, I met my classmate. He was tall, pale, bipolar and so so mysterious…” The mother had a swoony look in her eyes. Ah, how she had been drawn to him from the start.

“Ooh,” the daughter squealed, “I have a sexy biology seatmate too!”

“Shh. Keep quiet if you wanna hear more,” Bella said, “Ah, then I came home and cooked dinner. At night, your father sneaked in my room and watched me sleep even though we hadn’t even spoken!” So charming those days had been, him tracing her jaw and braiding her hair she slept soundly, unaware of a stranger in her room.

“So romantic, mommy,” the son said, puffing his chest, “I’ll sneak into my crush’s room and watch her sleep too.”

Bella suddenly looked at him with concern, “Edward Jr. you will not-“

She was cut off by her daughter, Renesmee, crooning, “Oh she will definitely love you!”

Ed Jr. added, his voice rising with enthusiasm, “Of course she will. If not, then I’ll stalk her even if it means she might hit me!”

“Son, you can not do that-,” Bella tried to quiet them down but then she paused, “Well, technically your dad also stalked me and saved me from vampires…”

“I also want to be stalked!” Renesmee whined, crossing her arms and pouting, “I will only marry the person who stalks me!” She said with indignation.

“Do you want to hear or not?” Bella sighed, though on the inside she was very proud. Her daughter had inherited her whiny nature.

The children scrambled to take their place on the dried bloody couch and pressed their lips together.

“After your father saved from from vampires, I only wanted him,” Belle settled in the story once again, “I knew he was the one. But I also had another friend called Jacob.”

“Uncle Jac?” Ed Jr. asked, his eyebrows raised.

“Yes, your uncle Jac,” the mother looked into the distance, “He was very different from your father, warm and protective. And there was a time we loved each other.”

“You loved Jac?” Renesmee frowned, “But weren’t you with dad?” Then she gasped, “You cheated on him?”

“Oh no no,” Bella held up her hand to quiet them, “Your father left me because he thought it was very dangerous to let me mingle with the vamps.”

“But shouldn’t he have protected you?” Ed Jr. cocked his head to a side and looked at her questioningly. This was a question she had pondered over when he had left her.

“I thought so too,” Bella added sullenly, “But your father was smarter than me and he was a vampire and a man so he must have been right. But I was so in love with you dad that I was ready to do anything. I went with Uncle Jac and I almost jumped off a cliff!”

“Really?” Renesmee asked, her eyes wide and her blood thrumming with the non-existent adrenaline of the dumb situation, “I wanna love someone so much that I will throw myself off a cliff.”

“Ooh, ooh,” Ed Jr.’s hand shot up, “I want a woman to throw herself off a cliff for me. Then only I’ll understand if she really loves me!”


“Oh yes. The girl will die when you leave her,” Renesmee shrugged with a cool look on her face that resembled her dad’s, “She’ll come running back to you! You are a Cullen afterall. We always get what we want!”

“Then what happened?” Ed Jr. inquired, engrossed in the story.

Bella glared at them but continued, “Then Jacob saved me and I understood I loved him too! Then some shit happened that I don’t recall but your dad proposed to me.”

“What happened to Uncle Jac? Where is his happy ending?” Renesmee voiced and Ed Jr. harrumphed in agreement.

“That comes later, honey,” Bella was annoyed. She started, “I just turned 18 and your dad was a hundred plus. Some people considered it paedophilia but I knew it was true love…” Her eyes morphed a dreamy look as she remembered that fateful day.

“Then we went for our honeymoon and I got pregnant with you,” Bella booped Renesmee’s nose and smiled, “I could have died but we miraculously survived. You had a craving for human blood when you were in my belly!”

Ed Jr. wrinkled his nose while Renesmee giggled.

“Ah. You were such a naughty child,” Bella grinned wistfully, “You broke my ribs. You dad had to tear my stomach using his teeth!”

Renesmee’s brows furrowed as she asked, “What about C-section? Our biology teacher told us.”

“Hmm, but this makes place for lots of drama,” the mother said, “You were an unusual child. Because of this bad vampires wanted to kill you. But we saved the day!”

“Your dad couldn’t look into my mind and many thought that was because nothing went on in it,” Bella burst out laughing, “But it was because I had shield powers.”

“Ooh,” Ed Jr. jumped in, acting as if wielding as sword, “Woosh, woosh. Like a superhero!”

“Yes. Like a super hero,” she chuckled, “If you had been a boy, I would have named you Edward Jr.” She gestured to Renesmee.

“But I am Edward Jr.” the boy burst out, his expression worried, “You can not steal my name!”

“But you were a girl so I made up a new name,” Bella smiled, “Renee plus Esme. Renesmee. Your middle name, Carlisle plus Charlie. Carlie.”

Renesmee snorted at the lack of originality but Bella did not catch it. Just as she did not catch anything.

“Then Uncle Jac imprinted on you!” the mother said, “Which means you are soulmates. He loved me because you are half of me.”

“Nice! I will marry Uncle Jac who loved you for a long time and he is almost the age to be a dad,” the daughter said, her voice filled with dreaminess, “Ah, he will stalk me and watch me sleep and make me jump off a cliff. He is so older than me yet love is love! This is not paedophilia. Our babies will be part human, part vamp, part werewolves!”

“We’ll be just like you, mom!”


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