A Sky Beyond The Storm: Rant


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There is are spoilers in the original review on Goodreads which I can’t mark here so here is the link if you want to read the spoilery parts.



I thought I was the only one who did not *love* this series at first glance. It was underwhelming. Most of the characters were brats. And Hel’s back must hurt after carrying this whole quartet.

Back to it, I bumped up my ratings after I realized I was the only one who gave it a three stars. I regret it. I regret not dnf-ing it. See, I don’t have time in my busy life to read four books that don’t make me feel.

Oh but they did make me feel.
Rage for wasting my time.
And the urge of pretending it never existed.

I’m not even sad this ended. I’m sad I had to read through this when I could have been reading such wonderful books.

There was no final battle battle. It leans more into telling:

This happened blah blah blah, then this happened blah blah blah. They kill the Nightbringer blah blah blah. The annoying dum-dums make out while Hel mourns blah blah blah.

MARY SUE, GARY STU AND THE UNDERRATED ATLAS (since Atlas is the greek titan who carries the whole uni- wtf am I explaining this)

I never liked LAIA OF SERRA much. As the story proceeded, I completely started despising her. And in this book, all I wanted was to kick some sense into her.

Throughout the whole thing I felt how much the author wanted Laia to be tough. She enters the waiting place even when Elias says no. She starts bathing in a river or lake in front of him. She tells him coldly that she loves and all that crap. But that just gave me second-hand embarrassment.

She is a typical mary sue, wannabe tough and extremely beautiful. She gets new powers in every page and look she can do this! She can do that! She can suddenly kill as well as Martials who have trained their whole life but oh no she is sPeShUl Snowflake™ and she can learn this in a day! And now she is suddenly bffs with Helene and….why? How?

ELIAS VETURIUS , the cold unfeeling ass who has an internal conflict tearing at him. Which is “FATE OF HUMANITY VS LAIA”

HELENE AQUILLA the queen who has bear these angsty dum-dums and carry the weight of the whole series on her neck. She is the literal savior.
I dunno why she starts blushing all of a sudden but her emotional side is interesting.


*peers down*
*sees an infinite chasm where you have recurring nightmares of Laia and Elias*
*clears throat*

I don’t know if it is just me but I felt this was such a drag. It was like 500 pages plus filled with nothing really. Laia becomes reckless. Elias battles with his feelings while chopping down trees and cleaning fungus or whatever. The only reprieves were Helene’s PoVs where something actually happens.

There was this jarring shift when in Helene’s PoV we see some murder and politics and war and feelings and then suddenly we shift to Laia’s PoV where they kiss and I’m still waiting for Hel’s PoV to continue but the next one is Elias’s who runs away and starts his ‘Fate of Humanity vs Laia’ thing. And I’m still waiting. And the next PoV turns out to be Laia’s who does something stupid and then Elias comes to save her and I’M STILL WAITING.



I can only remember 4 to 5 scenes. Everything else was filler. There is no explanation for what happens? Why it happens? The magic and the jinns and all that. HOW? Where do her *shiny* new powers come from?

There is an abundance of dumped YA tropes that made up for the lack of them in the previous books. All the problems are piled on each other and then they are….solved? Random characters come back from the dead?


That last battle scene which builds up from the beginning, over three books, the whole world ends with…a storm spitting them out.


I swear I found nothing remotely Roman-esque in this. Nothing. It seems like the plot just drastically changed after book one. It says Roman but hey, you can only find that in Rome, buddy. Here you suddenly have magical powers and jinns and random storms spitting you out. Yada-yada. Boom boom. Elias and Laia have happily ever after.

My expectations were never high for this. And they are in shards. My sanity is in shards. I hate YA.

↠ 2 stars

An Ember In The Ashes ↠ 3.5 stars
A Torch Against The Night↠ 3 stars
A Reaper At The Gates ↠ 2.5 stars


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