The Rose And The Dagger: Disappointment

Have you ever read a disappointing book you had so much hopes with because of the gushing on Goodreads and screamed into it silently because you wasted a day of your reading schedule and you are sorta having an existential crisis because what is the point of life when you read your favorite stories and classics butchered and the other shiny books on your TBR are raising their eyebrows and whispering in a seductive voice “Come on. Admit it. We are better” and you go scream some more?

By now you might have got the rough idea about what I’m talking about. If I’m not got at being subtle then here it is: Disappointment. Bad love triangles. Random characters killed. Pseudo tough MC. Controlling, overbearing LI. Another Controlling Overbearing ass of a childhood BFF.

If that is not straight forward enough, then I’m sorry. I might slip into existential crisis again when I try to explain it. Bye.


SHAHRZAD AL-KHAYZURAN was never a badass, tough and strong female character to me. I just did not like her. Her anger was so obnoxious. For a woman who swore vengeance for all the suffering he caused and hated him so much, she is too willing to die for him. She is annoying at times, too much in love which makes her even more annoying and gives clichéd speeches and declarations of love. Just no.

The original story has this legendary and powerful queen who saves her life by spinning magical stories. And by the end of 1001 nights, they fall in love.
It took the original couple 1001 NIGHTS TO FALL IN LOVE. Like 2.7 years. These people need no more than a few weeks until they are like ‘you’re the love of my life oh imma die for you.’

Shahrazad gets annoying by every second. I swear.

Is she tough?
Or not?


KHALID I hate you. I hate your face. Your so-called mysterious darkness which is meant to make you sexy. It isn’t.

Khalid is shown to be this hurting and kind man inside this tough, dark exterior. He is only nice to his wife and hates everyone else. He effs everything up. He is this big feminist who gives his wife to make her own decisions. She tells him that it is her decision. And then he stops her from doing something by saying it is his decision to follow her or stop her. You can explain machoism, toxicity, patriarchy from this.

Khalid: Ooh no what are we going to do? How is going to save us?

Shazi: I will! I am so very pseudo-tough. I can beat anyone!

Khalid: Nooo you are my love. You can not go.

Shazi: It is my decision.

Khalid: Alright. Save us.

Shazi: Now I’ll walk as if I rule the world and be an obnoxious ass to everyone and pine over the murder/lover.

Khalid: And I will follow you! And forbid you!

Shazi: But you said it was my decision! I don’t like when things don’t go my way! I am sPeShUl!

Khalid: But this is my decision. And I will do as I please if you can do as you please.

*winks* See I’m such a feminist 😉

Unrelated but he gives me Rhys vibes. And I hate Rhys vibes.


This is all over the place. So over the place. Nothing even happens in the first half of the book. The first chapters are all pining and clichés and literally nothing. They sit around a campfire and drink and more of the love triangle. All they do is roam around a rebel camp. Rebels. Again. Yes *groans*

Magic powers come magically. Random people show up who really have no use in the story. Magic system is not explained. The story revolves around Miss Tough and Mr Sexy and the BFF Mr. I’ll-Be-An-Ass.

Honestly I am so tired.


Please someone explain. I can’t get it. The curse that was the obstacle in their love is now…gone? Just like that? BY STABBING A BOOK?
I can do that. I can do that and make all my problems go away. Can you?

It was not a task at all. You just slip someone drugs. Take it from their room. Stroll in the desert. Stab it. Come back in time for tea. And the info that witch gave them just like that? “Meh do me a favor.”

If you look closely they could have gone to Musa the day the curse was cast. Ofc Khalid might have needed some convincing but he would done it to stop the curse. But nooo he kills so many people.

This has such a transparent plot, I can see through it. Rushed, awful, my poor classic. The only person who was worth something was Irsa and I was more invested in her. BUT OH HELL ARE YOU KIDDING ME? RESURRECTION TROPE?

Problematic stuff.

I’m off to scream some more.

↠ 2 stars

The Wrath And The Dawn ↠ 3 stars

4 thoughts on “The Rose And The Dagger: Disappointment

  1. OMG, I love this review. Totally crazy 😂😂
    And it just hurts so much to see your favorite stories abolished by retellings. You handled it quite well too. 😛


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