The Cruel Prince

Recommended By: None of you can stop babbling about this.

Recommend To: It has a become a rite of passage lol.

The Hype is a black hole sorta thing that swallows innocent readers and can make them love or hate any book. I went in hoping to not be anymore of an outcast and I might or might not have unpopular opinions so don’t hate me.

That was a disclaimer if you didn’t catch it.

TW: Abuse, Bullying, Death, Drugs, Harassment, Humiliation, Murder, Poison, Suicide

I just don’t know how or where to begin.


Alright. The story begins with the tragic murder of Jude’s parents. I was hoping for some secretly nursed desire for revenge or something bloodthirsty in the beginning.

Nope. Jude loves this.

And I am not saying anything against it but Jude’s ambiguous motivations were not clear. Or were there any motivations at all, huh?

The twists were amazing. The betrayal felt real. The idea was pretty solid. But I felt the first half of the book has nothing major taking place. There is random celebrations, a tournament, bullies. Sorry to say but the first 50% had nothing much going on.

Still the next part picks up and I was amazed. The plot twists were unpredictable for once. I have had this really bad reading month where most of my reads were average or boring and predictable. Which is why this is really refreshing.


Jude is the first character I connected to in a long month. Her characterisation is intriguing and sometimes a bit wonky but she is a great one nonetheless.


Cardan Greenbriar – beautiful, mysterious and bullies the girls he crushes on because it is how macho people (or fey) so affection. The poor hurting love interest with tRaGiC backstory.

*everyone holds breath*

I hate all characters resembling Rhys.

*still holding breaths*

Cardan is….not like Rhys. Apart from his bullying, I rather liked him. He is sweet, smart and cruel. He wants power but does not want to work for it. He is a cute little cinnamon roll inside. Fae don’t like to be called lazy tho.


I loved Vivi and Heather’s relationship. I loved Madoc character. I loved the sadistic royals. I loved little Oak.


Nope count me out. I love estranged sisters drama. The family angst is very appealing. In short, I love dysfunctional royals and morally grey sisters who will do anything. So both sisters have a side. I loved Taryn’s arc. So no.


Look the problem with the Hype, capital H, is that you come to expect a little too much. Form all the reviews and the updates I thought Cardan×Jude might be more…slow burn. I mean don’t get me wrong their relationship dynamic is interesting and they do hate each other a lot but the first kiss lacked the feels.

Also the first part was very slow.


This is not a lick like SJM’s animal fae. There is no ‘mating’ or dumb magical powers. This is, thankfully, not Animal Planet. YES. Finally.

I won’t lie by saying this was perfect. It wasn’t. But I also won’t lie because this was honestly very entertaining.

Thank you. Ted-Talk over. Fangirls keep distance.

4 stars

4 thoughts on “The Cruel Prince

  1. “”None of you can stop babbling about this.”” i feel like i couldn’t have said it better myself. and thanks for passing it on! haha.
    i definitely need to hurry up and start reading this book at some point. it sounds so good but i’m too lazy


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