REBECCA by Daphne du Maurier | REVIEW

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Rebecca is supposed to be a classic example of goth. Goth, as far as writing is concerned, is pure magic. But the plot….eeeeeeeep. Okay I’ll admit the plot twist was not that shocking. I’d guessed something was wrong with the story. Courtesy of Sherlock.

But the twist was not the kind I wanted. This was not the kind of goth I am used to, I mean it didn’t even have fog. Come on now, fog is the best part of goth. But I won’t say this was bad. It was not what Du Maurier had targeted. “Something rather dark and macabre.” This story is not that macabre or that’s because I’m used to more – a LOT more – gore.

It opens with Mrs. de Winter. Of course that’s not her name before she marries Mr. de Winter. Everyone has wondered what her real name is but it was maybe that Du Maurier couldn’t find any names. Sadly no baby names websites existed in that era. For the time being lets make her Mary Sue and I have a very smart reason behind it. That being she was a freakin Mary Sue.
But that was her character arc. She was a naive young lady who was obsessed with making her husband happy – to a degree that made me concerned. She saw non existent subtext when people spoke and always thought she was being compared to Rebecca.

Rebecca, the dead wife who stood between their marriage. I expected her to be a ghost or maybe she is not really dead? Ugh the only thing I want is something deliciously grotesque. If anyone has recs, please give. Anyways, so Mary Sue is trying to fit in Manderley, this haunted, wild mansion on the shore. I just wanted it to rain more lol.

Maxim de Winters is a dumb and boring characters. I’m sorry this is gonna be brutally honest. I disliked him and most of the times I did not care for his existence. Unless ofc he ruined and stomped on Mary Sue’s fragile self esteem. Her self esteem issues are the only one that is still relatable.

So yada yada, big party, good writing, goth on more of a psychological side, evil characters exposed, Rebecca exposed, Maxim exposed, Mary Sue being happy because Maxim suddenly loves her. Idk it was something. The part after the twist, the 25% to the end was a little boring. But I loved how Manderley was burned. Someone people (me) enjoy reading about arson 🙂

But I won’t lie. I loved reading this. My most favorite scene was the almost suicide. It was written so beautifully and it was the most gothic scene of all. Rebecca, in short, is a proper 4 star read with an unexpected mystery and brilliant writing. I see how this one became so world famous.

So if anyone tries to find the earlier posts by me, they would probably come across a huge time gap between posts. That’s ’cause they were the epitome of cringe and needed to go. Don’t worry I’m planning to rewrite them but this time it’ll be better. At least I hope so.

Enjoy? Read? Bye?

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