no, not the Taylor Swift song.

So, hey to whoever bothers to keep up with me!
I am Amodini, an opinionated book devourer amongst many things.

Reading is my main coping mechanism so I’m just another girl who escapes reality and one who you would find buried in books. With my head in clouds most of the time, it is safe to say that 95% of my personality comes from a myriad of fictional characters.

Like, I have this ability to make everything light which, I believe, is quite similar as Leo Valdez.

And then I have the same arrogance as Aelin Galathynius’s for which I really hate her because who likes looking into a mirror? We also share the same initials!

Then I’ve learned to embrace anything and everything about myself from Sophie from Howl’s Moving Castle.

And from Aru Shah, from Aru Shah and the End of Time, I’ve learned a little lying is somewhat…fine? I mean, school is hard and you tell me who hasn’t lied at least once?

To everyone who bears with me 😀

What I Do

What I do?
Nothing much XD

So I started this blog in 2019 when my parents encouraged me which now I suppose was to put my so-called hyperactive energy to use. Coincidentally, I have always been good at writing so a blog worked out for me perfectly.

At first, I wrote anything and everything: from travelogues (I love discovering!) to some random poems. They’re not that good but the blog was for me back then. Then when I got a whiff of a whole new world (Not from Aladdin :P) of book blogs, bookstagrams and booktubes, I decided to do one myself.

I have been obsessed with reading as far as I can think back and mixing it with another thing I love, writing and blogging, was the best thing I ever did.

Now, what you see here, is a product of my nervous energy and I hope you like it!

Thanks for taking time to read about me. I love you all!

Feel free to comment and reach out to me!